It’s Arrested Decision: Come On!

Image source Arrested Decision

Ah, mid-October. While the weather is getting a bit chilly, the Internet is ablaze with election coverage. Some people can get pretty wrapped up in politics and choose to air their opinions via social networking. Me? I tend to go with the sentiment that your political views + Facebook = A match made in hell.

That was until NBC News Desk assistant Ellie Hall made the political season a little more entertaining by creating Arrested Decision 2012: a Tumblr parody page that marries photos of this year’s election with quotes from my all-time cult favorite show, Arrested Development. This has been a great year for fans of the Bluth family and their wacky antics as the prematurely cancelled show was just given clearance for another season and a movie (Note to Marlo: When season four is released on Netflix in 2013, I will be calling in sick.)

If you love America’s favorite dysfunctional family or just need a breather from MSNBC’s and Fox News’ name-calling, take a look at Arrested Decision and remember that there’s always money in the banana stand!

Posted by Jess

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