Freaky Footwear of Spring 2013

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NY Fashion Week has come and gone. People gasped, models slipped, and celebrity children wore expensive clothing. But this year I found myself asking, what in the name of all that’s good and holy happened to chic footwear? An overarching trend I noticed for Spring 2013 was a sincerely strange need to overdo shoes. They came in two varieties: obnoxiously high wedges/heels or atrocious flats.

Yes, there were some sophisticated shoes, but can we discuss the leather socks and fur-covered heels? What gives? PETA is already up in arms over fur on the runways, so let’s not add one more accessory to be ruined with red paint. Between Prada’s cheap-looking shoes and Celine’s fur flats and heels, I wonder if they are even wearable.

Although there were still many likable shoes, I got the sense that the need to stand out was more important than a shoe being wearable which, admittedly, is ultimately what the shows are usually about. But don’t even get me started on the weird Chanel Hula Hoop bags

Posted by Carolyn

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