In the Pursuit of Prep

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Warmer temperatures always bring out the prep in me. Sure, I’ll sport monograms here and there throughout the winter months, but when it hits 60 degrees, I suddenly feel the need to “window shop” at Lilly Pulitzer on a weekly basis and make multiple (read: obsessive) web browser trips to

In an effort to keep summer and prep-tastic style alive year-round, I’ve decided to introduce the appropriately named #thingswelove pencil set to my desk. Design Darling, an online boutique that carries items you never thought you’d need, but once you see you can’t live without, sells a set of six brightly colored pencils boasting the names of some of the best things in life ie: cocktail rings, monograms, Arnold Palmers, polka dots & stripes, etc. Fun and cute!

Hey Marlo, can I write this purchase off as “necessary office supplies”?

Posted by Alyssa

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