Why You Should Quit the Gym

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After spending the better part of my summer trying to get out of a gym membership, I am finally free from the oppressive shackles of Boston Sports Club. I consider this a major victory because I logged more than three hours on hold over the course of three months trying to speak to an actual human to cancel my account.

Now that I’m no longer bound by BSC, I can finally dive headfirst and whole-heartedly into Recycle Studio, the indoor cycling studio in the South End that I’ve been cheating on BSC with since earlier this year. Though doubling up on gym memberships is nothing new (in college, I thought it was perfectly acceptable to belong to the student gym as well as a fancy one where the Canadian Olympic team worked out – so what if I only went four times in an entire year?), I’m happy to be done with the guilt associated with belonging to a gym that costs you approximately $100 every time you go based on the infrequency of your visits.

If you’re not familiar with Recycle, it’s basically the Boston version of SoulCycle, the new-age spin studio favored by Vogue editors and Kelly Ripa with locations in NYC, the Hamptons and LA. Gone are the days of early spin (terrible techno music, psychotic instructors); the new wave of SoulCycles, Recycle and FlyWheel (a SoulCycle off-shoot that lets you race against other people in your spin class) emphasizes an empowering mind-body connection (without the cheesy motivational speeches), incorporates the upper-body (all three studios utilize small hand weights in each class), plays bangin’ music, and uses non-traditional moves on the bike that make it feel less like a fitness class and more like a dance party.

In short, it’s addicting. And it gives you an excuse to buy more lululemon. A win-win for everyone.

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  1. Hmm….. don’t know what to say about your post but it’s awesome!

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