Free Mercy!

There’s a new bundle of joy in Kim K’s life: a fluffy, pure white kitten named Mercy. Named after Kanye, obvi, who gave Kim this poor feline, Mercy is just about the cutest little furball I have seen in a long time (besides Lulu, of course). Though Kim has Instagramed several photos of Mercy (I would argue that the ones including her are just another excuse to take a close-up picture of her perfectly-waxed brows) to her 16.2 million followers, little Mercy doesn’t seem as happy with the partnership.

I understand that cats have limited ability to express emotion on their faces, but this precious nugget just looks depressed. I can see it in her eyes. She’s calling out for me to come save her. I just can’t resist a cuddly little animal. I can’t even step foot in an animal shelter or I’m afraid I would drive away with their entire stock in my Camry.

Anyway, as with any widely talked-about Hollywood trend, someone created a parody account titled “Kim Kardashian’s Kat,” on which “Mercy” pokes fun at the middle Kardash sis and her tweets. I especially appreciate the following comments:

The account has over 2,000 followers, but will it gain as large a following as @Mileys_Bun (now kind of obsolete with Miley’s platinum blonde pixie) or @AngiesRightLeg? Only time will tell…

 Posted by Erin

Image source Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

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