Another Day Another, er, Tweet?

What if you could tap your heels together a few times and get whatever you want? Well, we’re not quite there yet – so your fingertips will have to suffice for now.

Across the pond, Kellogg’s set up a “Tweet Shop” allowing customers to pay for Special K Cracker Crisps in exchange for a tweet. No forms of currency are accepted (probably best for us due to the exchange rate) so, as a customer, you only have to submit a (apparently positive – they’re checked!) tweet bearing the requisite #tweetshop hashtag to get your free crisps.

A sampling of tweets include:

Looks like the consensus is that the women are happy about the free food, and the men are pleased they get to interact with attractive women dressed in Special K’s signature red.

I personally think that Kellogg’s is right on the money. Arguments about ‘buying endorsements’ or not, this pop-up shop demonstrates the value in social media and how companies are going above and beyond to get their customers’ fingers moving.  Let’s just hope this idea comes over to the States, pronto, so I can do my bloody Christmas shopping this way!

Posted by Katherine S.

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