Bagel Head: Saline Forehead Injections…Breakfast Chic?

Image source National Geographic

As a member of the mm/c beauty team, I try to stay on top of all the latest and greatest trends. The pic above illustrates the recent trend out of Japan: people who literally want to have bagels on their heads. In my humble opinion, this new medical procedure blows all other body modifications out the window. Apparently tattoos, amputations (um…what?), anime eyes, corset piercings, tongue splitting, and even genital beading (no hyperlink available) just aren’t extreme or weird enough anymore.

Here’s how it goes down. First, a technician inserts a needle into the forehead and injects saline to create a large, swollen, blob effect. Then, the practitioner pushes his or her finger into the blob and voila… you’re a bagel head! National Geographic most recently chronicled this process – click here to see a video.

Fortunately, these injections aren’t permanent; they last about 16-24 hours (until your body absorbs the saline) and the entire process takes about two hours. Could this be the new botox? This trend takes the cake for weird in my book.

Maybe I’m confused, but what’s the appeal here? Are we aiming for a breakfast chic look? Is it supposed to be a social commentary on “we are what we eat”? Someone help this lost, mainstream soul because humanity is giving me a run for my money!

Posted by Carolyn

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