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When asked about my relationship with… my phone (because it’s the only one I have going for me right now), I answer that it is a love/hate relationship. I love my phone because it allows me to ‘awkward text’ my friends when in an awkward situation, Instagram pictures of meals that all my friends obviously want to see and enables me to be one of those people at the bar not socializing because I am too busy texting my other, more important friends who are not there. Yet while there are many reasons why I  love my phone, there are also many reasons why I do not: when my phone chooses the best moment to freeze up on me, butt dials my whole contact list or fails to wake me up in the morning. But most of all I hate my phone when the freakin’ battery dies! You would think that with all of this technology they’d be able to make a phone with a battery life that doesn’t drain out in a day… yes, Siri, I am talking to you!

Someone who also feels my daily death-of-Siri pain is Elizabeth D. Ormesher Salcedo, a Chicago-based social worker who invented the Everpurse. Think less purse and more portable smartphone charger. Yep, the Everpurse is a zippable purse that allows anyone with a smartphone to charge their significant other phone all day long. It’s like going to couples therapy only much cheaper and easier; put your smartphone into the charging pocket and – voilà – you can go back to loving your now-charging phone!

The Everpurse may not be the most stylish accessory but the fact that it can charge my phone throughout the day is enough for me. Plus, its small enough to fit inside my more stylish purses, so everyone wins. Thanks to Everpurse, the most important relationship I have in my life just got better…how many products can you say that about?!

Posted by Katherine

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