A Gummy Protest

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Between California’s foie gras ban and New York nixing supersized sodas, it seems the reign of the nanny state is imminent. Though I can KIND OF rationalize the latter legislation amid concerns surrounding obesity and access to nutrition (a 40-ounce fizz fix works out to more than 500 calories per dollar, after all), I’m right on board with the hordes of farmers and chefs decrying the California restrictions as unconstitutional. Because of the state’s misguided municipal parenting, local farmers and chefs are now barred from producing and using the oversized duck and goose livers, meaning that diners like me can’t get our meat butter fix (okay okay, I know they’re force-fed and all, but can we talk about the maltreatment of animals in factory farms across the country? I don’t see any bans there!).

Though efforts to reverse the law continue, in the meantime Californians can chow down on Archie McPhee’s Foie Gras Bubble Gum. Each tin packs about 22 gumballs that taste vaguely like the gourmet delicacy. While slightly less versatile than its fatty counterpart, the gum lets you literally blow bubbles in the government’s face. Score!

Posted by Abby

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