Chandler Has New Friends…and Better-Fitting Clothes

Male fashion doesn’t get all that much ink here on The ladies of the office excitedly share their thoughts on the latest Louboutins and noteworthy necklaces. And as they proclaim their thoughts on the apparently ubiquitous trend of colored jeans, I quietly cringe every time I see one of my fellow fellas sporting a similar look (a pantsformation I just can’t bring myself to embrace). So, as one of the few men in our clan, I figured it was my duty to add some balance.

I was recently watching a block of Friends reruns, and while my first thought was “how GOOD was this show?,” my next thought was “did they NOT realize that their clothes didn’t fit them?” I mean, Matthew Perry’s shirts were so oversized that the shoulder seams were well below his actual shoulders and the sleeves were so baggy he could have hidden Marcel in them. I immediately started to blame the show’s stylists for not taking proper measurements of the $1-million-per-episode cast member, but then I recalled a recent foray into my own closet. It went something like this:

“Oh, sweet! I forgot I still had this shirt.” [Tries on shirt excitedly and runs to the bathroom mirror.]

“What the…this thing is WAY too big for me now.” [Tilts head to the side, trying to recall if I recently lost a couple hundred pounds.]

Basically, both Chandler and I were culprit to the “baggy” look that was popular back in the late ’90s and clearly neither of us were interested in showing any natural contour in our upper region. I’ve been relatively the same size (aka: skinny) since then, yet it’s been a recent phenomenon that I’ve actually purchased size “small” shirts. While I may be a tall drink of water, that’s no excuse for me to be donning anything that has an “extra large” tag under the collar. Which means I have a closet full of clothes that need to be donated to slightly larger-framed gentlemen.

It looks as if Chandler – er, Matthew – has opened his eyes to a new style era as well. In his new series Go On (Tuesday nights on NBC), he’s sporting a much more refined wardrobe that embraces the slim-fit silhouette. But, who knows – in 15 years he and I may look back at photos of ourselves and say, “Dude, could that shirt BE any tighter?”

Posted by Brian

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