If I Can’t Even See This Puppy, Can Women Really Have It All?

You know the big deal article that was in The Atlantic recently, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” I didn’t really connect with it – my maternal instinct hasn’t kicked in (unless you count nursing a bottle of wine) and I don’t know what it’s like to bust my butt and come home to a needy, hungry group of kids who probably forgot to wash their hands before dinner and want to stay up late. I respect the gals who do it all, but I’m not there yet.

But… I think I’m starting to understand! I recently became honorary auntie to an amazing little poof of a chow named Baloo who moved here from Chicago (to be closer to his adoring extended “family,” I’m sure). He’s jet black. He’s 4 pounds. His ears are triangles. He has a tiny purple tongue. A TINY PURPLE TONGUE!

I love him so much it hurts. But here’s the thing… I haven’t met him! I’ve missed him night after night as I run around to events and work late. (I guess Baloo has an early bedtime.) I like the grind but I’m concerned that time is slipping away and Baloo will be a big, shedding, slobbery dog with a teenage attitude problem in a matter of days. It all happens so quickly. He’ll be graduating from college in no time!

So, in what I’ll be the first to admit is a fairly superficial way, I’ve caught a glimpse of the agonies of all the ladies hustling to have it all. I can’t see my friend’s puppy. It’s not missing a recital or a first word or dinner at home with the family, but it matters to me. And it might sound ridiculous, but missing that little dog gives me more respect for my mother and the millions of brilliant, hardworking women who do try to have it all, from the puppy to the corner office and the 2.5 kids and the mortgage. Snaps for the working ladies of the world! This one goes out to you.

Posted by Susannah

Image source Nathan Davidson

One response to “If I Can’t Even See This Puppy, Can Women Really Have It All?

  1. After the first 9 months of being a “puppy mom”, I’m convinced there’s no way I’m ready to be a mom of anything else that depends on me for food, water, and bathroom needs. Everyday moms continue to amaze me.

    PS — I also hauled my chow mix back to Boston from Chicago, nothing like raising a dog in the city!

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