Ready to Pop the Question? Here’s What Not to Do

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Like lots of ladies, I occasionally dream of the day when my hubby-to-be will get down on one knee. So naturally, when I heard about Russian businessman Alexey Bykov proposing to his girlfriend immediately after being involved in a horrific, near-fatal car accident, I swooned. Romantic, right? After a near-death encounter, he realized what was truly important in life, and wanted to make sure the love of his life knew just how much he cared.

But don’t be fooled. While this may sound like a scene straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, this lunatic actually concocted an elaborate plan to fake his own death to propose to his girlfriend. He even went as far as hiring a filmmaker, makeup artists, and stuntmen to create the scene for the big day. That’s an absurd amount of planning for a terrible idea, if you ask me. Couldn’t he have put the same amount of effort into something beautiful and romantic? I don’t think I’m being picky here.

Irena Kolokov arrived under the impression that she was meeting her boyfriend. What she was actually met with, however, were “mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke and carnage,” according to Orange News. Bykov was sprawled on the ground covered with blood, and while his girlfriend was weeping over his dead body, he “came back to life” to ask for her hand. There’s no way she said yes, right?! Wrong again. While she didn’t laugh at the prank immediately, rather than slapping the sicko and running for the hills, she soon forgave him and accepted! (Cue the awkward, blood-soaked engagement photos).

What happened to wine and roses? Or even the more modern lip dubs and skits? Out of the hundreds thousands of ways to pop the question, why, you may ask, did Bykov decide that this would be the way to his gal’s heart? Well, in his own words, he wanted her to realize how “life would have no meaning without him,” according to The Sun. I’m not sure what the guy was hoping to see, but apparently Kolokov was sufficiently devastated to suit her sicko fiancé. Having passed this pre-nuptial challenge, one can only imagine the horrific consequences should she fail the inevitable tests of her love once they tie the knot.

While I’m still in shock that this scheme actually worked, I’m convinced that it’s a fluke. It must have been the post-accident sparklers and balloons that got the poor girl. There’s no way that most women would accept such a proposal. So please let this be a lesson to all – if you need to fake your death to prove the power of love, true love is in doubt. And for all the men (or women) out there struggling with how to make the big moment perfect, keep this in mind as encouragement: while your proposal may not be the world’s greatest, there’s no way in hell it could be any worse than this guy’s.

 Posted by Katie

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