I Love the Smell of Mountain Dew in the Morning

It’s no secret around these parts that I’m a one-a-day Diet Mountain Dew kind of gal. You don’t want to know me in the mornings before I’ve cracked open a frosty cold 20-ounce bottle of the gods’ sweet, neon green ambrosia. Sure, sometimes I may switch up my routine with a Diet Coke or black iced coffee, but without fail I’ll always return to Old Faithful.

Though I may get endless amounts of shit for my morning beverage of choice from coworkers, friends, boyfriends (okay, there’s only one of those, but for continuity’s sake…), I finally feel validated now that Taco Bell is rolling out a Dew-based drink on its breakfast menu. A pre-noon-appropriate blend of Mountain Dew and Tropicana OJ, Mtn Dew A.M. may just breathe some new life into my repertoire of caffeinated beverages. I mean, how hard can it be to recreate on my own? Because goodness knows I won’t be setting foot into a brick-and-mortar TB any time soon!

Now that the Dew’s been stamped with the breakfast soda label, there’s no shame left in my game. Taco Bell, I (and 13-year-old boys the world over) salute you.

Posted by Abby

Image source TwinCities.com

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