In Defense of Bad Restaurants

Image source Drinkers’ De-Light

I realize this admission may come across as gauche, considering my position as a publicist for some really terrific restaurants in and around Boston, but I’m going to say it nonetheless.

Sometimes, I just feel like eating at The Cheesecake Factory.

Yes, the food is banal and predictable, and the atmosphere is slightly akin to a Vegas-style pharaoh’s tomb (complete with oddly-placed hieroglyphics and Egyptian columns). Regardless of all of the things that makes it fall on the Axis of Culinary Evil (mac & cheese bites, spinach and artichoke dip, taquitos, Thai lettuce wraps, the list goes on…), I can’t help but to harbor a soft spot for the Factory in my cold, dead, food snob heart. The grilled cheese just happens to hit the right spot when I’m hungover as fudge and the only public place I’m showing my face is the Cambridgeside Galleria.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there hiding an affinity for The Cheesecake Factory. Do you have a secret affinity for Chili’s? A constant hankering for Bertuccis? A gnawing desire to eat at the Outback? I can’t be the only one out there…what’s your guilty pleasure?

Posted by Amelia

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