A Pen for Women

Image source Jezebel

Known for my awful, 5th grade-style handwriting, I’m always thinking about ways to improve my penmanship (or at least stop being made fun of for my poor writing!). Don’t think I’m exaggerating…it’s pretty bad.

Now, imagine my intrigue when I read about a new line of BIC pens, made specifically for women, that supposedly aid your grip and handling (yes, I’m talking about a pen, people!). Adorned with jewels and created in an array of pastel hues, these lady-friendly writing utensils are supposed to be both lighter (because regular “man” pens are so heavy, right?) and smaller (to easily fit in our petite paws). But much to BIC’s dismay, this new launch is doing everything  BUT appealing to most women. Pages and pages of product reviews on Amazon.com attack these pens – I mean, seriously, you’d think they were taking away women’s voting rights by the amount of hatred in some of these posts!

I’ve never been one to get all up in arms about a product. Sure, I respect my rights as a woman, but some things are just not worth getting upset about…female-friendly pens included. And heck, if these pretty, little pens can help me improve my handwriting, I’m willing to rock a pink bedazzled BIC.

Currently, BIC for Her is only available in Europe, but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be picking up a few packs once they come across the pond. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get my handwriting up to par.

To my 4th grade cursive teacher – this one’s for you!

Posted by Alyssa

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