Sealed with a Kiss

Image source National Art Museum of Ukraine via The Guardian

Once upon a time, in a faraway country in Eastern Europe, an artist took an ancient fairy tale a little too far. Taras Polataiko, a Canadian-Ukranian artist, has created an “art installation” at Ukraine’s National Art Museum inspired by Charles Perrault’s 1696 fairy tale entitled “La Belle au bois dormant” aka “Sleeping Beauty” (Walt Disney didn’t come up with the classic on his own). Polataiko recruited women to play the part of Sleeping Beauty by lying on a white satin bed for two hours a day while male suitors observe her. If the man feels a connection to the woman, he plants a big one on her lips. If she feels the same, she opens her eyes, and the two are contractually obligated to wed. Um, what?!

In Polataiko’s ideal world, the exhibit will yield an ever-lasting love connection between two brave souls. He told the Telegraph, “I hope they come, so it will be more interesting for the beauties. But I really don’t know. It’s a really serious thing, it’s marriage,” he said. Ya think?! Check out the video to see how it works.

More insane than the designer of this wacky exhibit are the men and women who agree to participate. I almost expect creepy, desperate men to participate in something like this, but these beautiful women? Come on, ladies.

So far none of the women have “woken,” but the exhibit runs until September 9. Can your soulmate be found through a kiss, or is this exhibit just plain bizarre?

Posted by Erin

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