Taco Hell

Image source FOODBEAST

There’s something about fast food joints that draws certifiable crazies into the fold – maybe it’s the french fry grease or the lingering hope of the American dream. Whatever the reason, there’s no shortage of late-night antics taking place around the corner at your local McDonald’s (see an early 2012 story about a woman arrested for offering oral sex in exchange for chicken nugs).

In a similar case of pink slime consumers gone wild, Matthew Falkner of Palm City, Florida got a free trip to the clink while hanging out in a Taco Bell parking lot…while in his car…which was on fire. Employees alerted police, who arrived at the scene to find Falkner chowing down on tacos and oblivious to the smoking vehicle in all his .22-blood-alcohol-levelled glory. Adding insult to injury (quite literally), when an officer asked for identification, he responded instead by giving the cop some of his faux-Mexican grub.

And as if that weren’t enough, a fried food slinger recently channeled his inner superhero by pulling a man from a burning car while working the night shift at a Hardee’s in Fargo, North Dakota (wait, the Coen brothers didn’t just make that place up…?). The clincher? The imperiled man, Ryan Joseph Fox, was unconscious and later arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. Meanwhile, the rescuer celebrated his life-saving efforts with an hour-long break, then returned to finish out his shift. Now that’s employee of the month material.

Call me a food snob, but eating 35-percent beef mix and government cheese in a processed tortilla shell is a major offense in and of itself.

Posted by Abby

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