Yabba Dabba…Bike!

Image source FLIZ

Riding a bike is just like…well, riding a bike, except for when you’re not exactly riding it and it doesn’t have pedals or a seat. If you are only left with two wheels, a metal frame and a handle bar, what in the hell are you supposed to actually ride!? Well, German designers Tom Hambrock and Yuri Spetter have created a bike unlike one you have ever seen before. Unless, of course, you live in Bedrock with the Flintstones.

Hambrock and Spetter designed the FLIZ bike, taking their inspiration from the world’s first bike, the dandy horse. Why? They say to enable easy mobility in overcrowded urban spaces. Even though I don’t really see how the FLIZ bike would be any easier to maneuver than a normal, pedaling bike, I wouldn’t give up the chance to try diese Sache! To use this high-tech-multi-purpose-bike-thing one must simply strap their body into a harness hanging from the frame (is there a weight restriction on this thing?) and run. Basically you have to make like Fred Flintstone in order to get this bike to go.

While the FLIZ bike is up for a James Dyson award this year, I don’t think the streets will be crowded with people biking flying running FLIZ-ing? (I give up) their way around anytime soon!

Posted by Katherine

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