Diamonds Are a Nail’s Best Friend?

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While athletes were recently breaking records in London, the reigning champ of nail polish also lost its title. That’s right, the top dog of the mani/pedi domain, Models Own, no longer holds the crown of “most expensive nail polish in the world” with its $130,000 Gold Rush Couture Shade…and it hasn’t just been taken, it’s been dominated. Luxury jeweler Azature, the self-declared “king of black diamonds,” is definitely living up to expectations with their newest product. If you’re wondering what could possibly top gold nail polish in a bottle encrusted with 1,118 diamonds, how about a version with 267 carats in the bottle itself!

Yup, this one-of-a-kind lacquer is the glitziest, most mind-blowing, and (I think it goes without saying) most extravagant nail polish on the planet! How much does a person have to pay to get their hands on this coveted Black Diamond glaze? No big deal, just your average $250,000 per bottle! I bet Marilyn Monroe didn’t see this one coming when she sang those famous words, still true today. But like Marilyn, I’d rather wear the diamonds around my neck, on my wrist, hanging from my ears, or on my finger…forget about on my nails!

In case you’re not looking to set yourself back a quarter of a million dollars, the company is offering a department store version of the diamond-infused lacquer for $25. But if you truly want to be fabulous dahhling, prepare to spend your life-savings! Me, I’ll be sticking with $12 manicures and good ole OPI.

Posted by Stephanie

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