Butter, Better

Image source: Laughing Squid

Hallelujah, the breakfast gods have risen! Warburtons Bakery in the UK has answered the prayers of breakfast lovers the world over with the introduction of their newest product, the Warburton Toastie Knife. The world’s first heated butter knife, it was designed to solve toast lovers’ most painstaking problem: cold butter. The Toastie Knife heats to 41.8 degrees Celsius in under 30 seconds, ensuring a quick and perfect spread.

How did this genius product come about?  Well, after countless studies, Warburtons Bakery identified rock-hard butter as one of the top five breakfast frustrations; honing in on the extreme measures Brits took to ensure their butter was warm and soft, a Warburton survey found that 28% of people heat their butter in the microwave before attacking it with the knife. The rest, as they say, is history.

This is truly the best thing since sliced bread. As someone who hates cream cheese, and is not much of a jam fan, I am always reaching for the butter. And it’s true – every time I open the fridge to pull out that bar of fat pale yellow goodness, I find myself annoyed knowing I will spend the next few minutes struggling to get it smooth.

Ordering my Toastie Knife as we speak. Thank you, England!

Posted by Chloe

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