The Disconnected Life

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For the last three months, I’ve gone without TV or Internet at home. To clarify: I’m not channeling Ted Kaczynski, nor am I making some sort of proclamation against popular culture. It’s just circumstances. I moved out from under the oppressive shackles of my roommates (JK, natch), and have yet to purchase my own TV or sign up for Internet service. That’s not to say I’ve been 100% off the grid – I’m attached to my iPhone at all times and spend upwards of 10 hours per day in front of an Internet-connected computer at work. I’m just not up to date on Keeping up with the Kardashians, which is really starting to hinder my ability to make small talk. (She’s dating Kanye?!) I wish I was joking.

For all The Real Housewives of New York debates I’m sadly no longer a part of, I have started to appreciate my newly disconnected life for all of the free time awarded to me that would otherwise be spent watching Bravo. Instead of hunkering down for a nine-hour marathon of Million Dollar Listing, I now do unheard of things like try and hem my own dresses as if I was on Project Runway, spend far too much time/effort on my living room layout like Jeff Lewis on Flipping Out, and cook overly elaborate meals for one à la Top Chef.

I always knew logging 1,000+ hours of Bravo would teach me something.

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