Eat, Memory

Image source Favor Craver

I think plenty of people would agree that Instagram can make memories more attractive. Chefs are using the app to take gorgeous food photos (what’s up Matt Jennings), Biebs is documenting his world takeover and when Ayatollah Khamenei is sharing a square-shaped window into the world of Iran’s supreme leader you know Instagram has transcended hipster trend status.

You can tweet your photos or print them out (old school!), but a few companies are making your sepia-tinted memories edible:

Baking for Good puts your photos on cinnamon sugar “insta-grahams” (get it?!?!?) and they give 15% of the proceeds to charity. Sweet!

Cocoagraph prints your images on chocolate, but it’s not just any chocolate: it’s artisan, organic, ethically traded, environmentally friendly chocolate. It’s chocolate you hipsters can feel good about.

It might be a little bit creepy to eat a photo of your boyfriend or adorable baby cousin, but if somebody wants to put some puppy photos on chocolate, by all means, go for it! Send them to the office, care of Lulu, natch.

PS: I’ll Lulu will take the organic dark chocolate 60% please!

Posted by Susannah

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