Work It Girl (or Boy)

Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing an established, iconic company show that it’s not stuck in an archaic mentality. I have no patience for brands that refuse to progress with the times or carve a niche for themselves by being rigid, if not downright hateful (ahem, Chick-Fil-A). So I’m pretty pumped to learn that one of my favorite childhood toymakers, Mattel, is telling the world that it’s no stick in the mud by commissioning the world’s first Drag Queen Barbie.

Fashioned by NYC’s toe-headed design house The Blonds (best known for outfits worn by sartorially savvy femmes like Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga), the latest iteration of the venerable doll – Blond Diamond Barbie – looks like your run-of-the-mill platinum bombshell, but draws inspiration from cross-dressing designer Phillipe Blond. Styled with dramatic makeup, sweeping eyelashes and a barely-there bejeweled mini-dress draped with a floor-length white fur, Blond Diamond Barbie mimics the show-stopping appearance of her creator down to a T.

In true Barbie fashion, the doll has ambiguous genitalia, so the drag queen label isn’t exactly accurate. But it’s great to see that after 50 years, the pop culture icon (and Mattel by proxy) continues to push the envelope and get tongues wagging.

Barbie, snaps to you.

Posted by Abby

Image source The Week

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