Color-Me-Ryan Gosling?

Image source I Love Mel

Who said coloring books were just for kids? Apparently not I Love Mel, an online brand that started with a few badges made and handed out by a girl trying to make herself feel better after she had been embarrassingly dumped by a boyfriend. (It’s true, never mess with a scorned woman!) It seems that Mel has moved on from badge-making, however, to coloring books…and not just any coloring book…a Ryan Gosling coloring book!

That’s right, the Crazy, Stupid, Love star has been forever deified in all manner of ways sketches, laid out for you to fill in with all sorts of love color. Now, I fell head-over-heels for Ryan Gosling like every other man, woman, and child after seeing that delicious, adorable, unforgettable scene from the film and like Emma Stone, that Dirty Dancing move would’ve had me running to the bedroom too. Any girl who says they wouldn’t is LYING! But I never thought I would’ve been able to touch those chiseled abs myself…even if it’s only with a box of Crayolas!

Colour Me Good: Ryan Gosling contains 15-pages of the Hollywood hunk and is sold through the British retailer, Maiden. So, depending on how your day is going, you can choose to color Dog-Lover Ryan, Geeky-Glasses Ryan, Scruffy Ryan, Darfur-Advocate Ryan, GQ Ryan…Shirtless Ryan. The last page of the coloring book leaves its starstruck artists with an encouraging message, “use your felt tips to colour in Ryan Gosling driving, eating, kissing, standing, walking, and all manner of handsome activities!” And let’s not get cheeky here people, coloring is usually a G-rated activity, so keep those tips in-between the lines!

I will leave you with a wise piece of advice from the ever-witty E! News page, “Whichever sketch you choose to color, just try to not get too green with envy, red with embarrassment or blue with…yeah, you get the picture.”

Posted by Stephanie

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