Cool Bikers Rejoice

Image source TechCrunch

Chances are that most of us will ride a bike at some point in our lives. Chances are also that, while riding said bike, we will avoid wearing a helmet at the expense of looking silly. Let’s face it — a good percentage of the human race lives and breathes to look cool.  If you fall into that group, allow me to introduce the chic solution to bicycle safety:  say goodbye to ugly conventional helmets and say hello to the invisible bike helmet known as Hövding.

After five years of research and $10 million spent in development by a Swedish company, the product is finally on sale. Complying with all safety requirements, the helmet uses a rechargeable battery, powered accelerometers and other new technology that detects motions and patterns similar to bike crashes. At the sign of a crash, a gas inflator triggers the airbag with helium to form a “hood of cushion” around your head. If you don’t believe it, check out the video which demonstrates the amazing (& pricey!) invention.

According to the website it’s “a practical accessory that’s easy to carry around (and) it’s got a great-looking yet subtle design.” The downside is that it only works once. Oh, and that it costs about $600!

Although the innovation behind this invention is impressive, spending six Benjamins on a product that can be used once seems a bit excessive. Guess I’m not all that worried about looking cool, as I’ll stick to my less expensive, non-trendy-but-reliable bike helmet. At least for now… (wink).

Posted by Carolyn

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