No Helicopter? No Problem.

Image source Rich Kids of Instagram

Though I spend my days dreaming of being featured on the “Rich Kids of Instagram,” my reality is a lot more MBTA and the frigid shores of Scituate than helicopters and the jet set-packed beaches of St. Tropez. But that’s never stopped me from having a fan-fucking-tastic time. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration, I suggest you take a page from my book and try one of these cheap (if not totally free) ways to kill time and have fun.*

The Forever 21 Challenge

All you need is 15 minutes and $15 and you’ve got a completely new look, complete with footwear and jewelry if you play your cards right. This one is better to do in a group (you can then vote on whether a neon mesh tank trumps a pair of leopard print jeggings), but I suppose you can go at it alone. You’ll just need an immense amount of self-confidence to walk around looking like this. (Yes, I fully realize I link to the F21 homepage, but really, anything you see there will paint enough of a picture.)

The Blind Date Sidekick

Ask around and see if any of your friends have a blind/first/ date. Get details on when/where and then casually show up and sit directly next to your friend and his/her date and pretend not to know each other. This is not only a great way to spend a night, but the experience will provide endless years of jokes and “Remember when?” conversations.

The Tourist

Follow the most touristy route in your city (in Boston, that’ll be the Freedom Trail) and take photos of yourself throwing up the peace sign in front of every major monument and landmark. Cap it off with a photo session with an obliging squirrel in a public park.

*These are all 100% tested and approved by moi and my merry band of misfit idiot friends.

Posted by Amelia

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