A List of Women…Part 2: Psychopath Edition

Image source EliteDaily.com

Shortly after midnight on July 20th, a silent psychopath unleashed a spray of bullets into an Aurora, CO, movie theater, killing a dozen and injuring 58 innocent people. The man, just 24 years old with a baby face to match, has riled the entire country, instigating heated debates on gun control, public security, and mental health. James Holmes is also the latest “hottie.”

A few months ago, I went on a tirade about all the uneducated teeny-bopper nitwits who publicly declared their willingness to let Chris Brown beat them up because of his good looks (I don’t see it). Now, just a little more than a week after the aforementioned tragedy, the internet is once again abuzz with young women whose only care is how hot (again, I don’t see it) some vile man is. Forget the victims and their families who will think about this every day for the rest of their lives; teenage girls’ priorities for boys and attention have popped up all over Twitter, proclaiming their crushes and desire to “hit it”:

How about how horrifying and sad this story is? What about empathy? Are the youth in this country really as pathetic and stupid as they continue to present themselves as? Or is it the easy and accessible way social media allows us to broadcast our thoughts before thinking? I truly would like to know how each of these teens would have reacted to the situation were it something they experienced themselves, whether by being in that theater or knowing someone who was.

This isn’t Tiger Beat, horny-boppers, so go take a cold shower, and try to watch the news.

Posted by Haley

2 responses to “A List of Women…Part 2: Psychopath Edition

  1. Great post, Haley – I couldn’t agree more with you. The world has changed so drastically – apparently for the worse – if this is how kids view something as important as values, respect, etc. Unbelievable…

  2. Thank you, Sue! I’m still horrified by this.

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