Raise Your Standards, Not the Length of Your Skirt

Image source Fashion Affair

Our client, Zoo New England, which operates Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stoneham’s Stone Zoo, offers a “Free Fun Friday” each year, which allows visitors of all ages to get in for free. The event is always wildly (no pun intended) successful and brings both new and repeat visitors into the Zoo.

What’s my point? Well, people love free stuff and discounts, and if you’re able to offer one of the two, you’ll probably find that people will do just about anything to get it. The Huffington Post’s recent article on the half-off admission one theme park in southern China is offering is the perfect example.

The Guilin Merryland Resort is offering half-price entry to women in short skirts through its “Love Miniskirts” campaign. Now, if this was a nightclub, it would be one thing – but when I think of a theme park – I think of Minnie & Mickey Mouse, and flashing your lady parts around dressed up characters, kids and the like, doesn’t seem to fit. Reminiscent of Catholic school, admission staff will be armed with rulers to make sure your skirt is the right length…in this case, shorter than 38cm.

Tickets are soaring as modesty is declining…and if discounting tickets for scantily-clad female visitors wasn’t enough, the park will also hold a water-splashing festival where visitors can soak one another. Hello, wet t-shirt contest, spring break 2005!

Is saying goodbye to your dignity really worth scoring a few bucks off a ticket price? I think not. Now, why can’t every park be like the Zoo and keep their discounts family-friendly and scandal-free?

Posted by Alyssa

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