Mommy and Me Waxing

If 2010’s of-the-moment mother/daughter relationship building experience was plastic surgery, this year’s is poised to be waxing, at least if NY & Florida-based Uni K has anything to say about it. The company raised eyebrows this month by offering half-off hair removal services for girls 15 and under (hey, pre-teens get unsightly upper-lip and mid-brow fuzz too), then explained that the promotion positions waxing as a regular bonding activity for moms and daughters, as mundane, say, as running errands.

Through the month of July, Uni K invites parent and tween to experience the joys of having hair ripped out of places both exposed and unmentionable, with mothers offering guidance and support to their little ones as they go under the waxing strips for the first time. Sure, hair removal for the first time in your college years can be a little frightening out of the gate, but I’m not sure being corralled in for a Brazilian by your mom before heading off to summer camp is all that soothing either.

What do you think? Is the promotion another example of sexualizing teen girls or is it a mother’s responsibility to educate daughters about grooming practices at such a tender age?

Posted by Abby

Image source BuzzFeed

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