The Fat Kid/Food Truck Challenge

Image source Who’s Fat These Days?

From my perch high above Boylston Street (reality: the third floor), I have the unique vantage of the Copley Square food truck location directly outside the Boston Public Library. Over the last few months, I’ve served as the watchdog for friends and colleagues, fielding questions about who’s out there, whether there’s a line, etc. I’ve also had the pleasure of dining at almost every truck to make an appearance. (I’m a food beast, what can I say?!) After dozens of pulled pork sandwiches (Redbones), crispy cauliflower with curry aioli (The Dining Car), chickpea fritters (Clover) and truck-made chorizo tacos (Staff Meal), I’m proud to announce The Best Food I’ve Ever Eaten from a Food Truck in Boston: The Double Awesome from Mei Mei Kitchen.

The Double Awesome lives up to its cocky moniker. The sibling trio behind the truck (one of whom dropped out of Cornell to run the business – at least that’s what I eavesdropped one day) take two scallion pancakes to create a melt stuffed with poached-then-fried eggs, extra sharp Vermont cheddar and summer greens pesto. Dip it in a side of sriracha ketchup and it’ll be gone in less than 90 seconds. (At least this fat kid’s was.)

Next up on my list of Fat Kid/Food Truck eats to sample: the Oatmeal Coconut Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Sandwich from The Cookie Monstah. YES PLEASE.

Posted by Amelia

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