The Best of Both Worlds?

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I’ll resist being too cynical in this post because I have to admit I’m a bit of a Miley Cyrus fan. I enjoy belting out “Party in the USA” and “The Climb” just as much as the next tween guy, and I definitely admire any girl who got Liam Hemsworth (swoon!) to pop the question.

In fact, one of my very few criticisms of Billy Ray’s “baby” (aside from her excessive use of y’all) was the creation of hundreds of plastic and Lycra Hannah Montana-inspired do-dads that littered shelves during her Disney tween stage. I’m bitter because I know that stuff breaks the day after you buy it – a sad conclusion drawn from my days of ’90s Backstreet Boys fanaticism.

Lucky for the now high school graduates and newly-licensed drivers who fell victim to all the Hannah Montana retail madness, there’s a recently revealed (practical?) alternative for one of her countless byproducts. Hannah Montana’s all-too-fruity body splash doubles as – you guessed it – raccoon repellent!

Apparently, the celeb’s perfume is just as unpopular with ring-eyed critters as it was among fathers of prepubescent girls six years ago. A couple spritzes of the Disney Channel concoction and nearby ‘coons will cease attack and wave their mini white flags in defeat.

Fair warning: this discovery was made by a man who routinely allows raccoons to gnaw on his forearm, so don’t jump into a pit of angry creatures to test the theory. But hey, using it as a weapon is better than letting your bottle gather dust.

A multi-functional product? Maybe this is what Hannah meant by the “best of both worlds”!

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