Suck It Up

Image source Hungeree

Sorry to disappoint, but no…this woman is not picking the World’s Most Disgusting Booger out of her nose.

Instead, she is competing for a World Championship. (And you thought the booger would be unbelievable…)

Well folks, this competition is 100% factual. On July 7, 300 men and women congregated for the 18th Annual World Snuff Championship held in Peutenhausen, Germany. The goal: stuff up to five grams of tobacco into their nostrils within a minute. Whoever has sniffed up the most tobacco and has the cleanest station is the champion.

Still skeptical this is a sport? According to Huffington Post, last year’s champ, Christian Knauer, says this event is “like being a football player…you have to get into it. The nasal mucosa suffers a bit, but that goes away after a few minutes, then it’s okay again.”

Yes, just ask any professional football player and I’m certain they will agree: running around and getting tackled by 250 lb men is very similar to sniffing tobacco up your nose.

But you do have to give it to these European countries – they sure do come up with some pretty interesting sports. Finger wrestling, Cheese-rolling, Black Pudding Throwing, and now snuff competitions.

All I have to say is: Europe, have fun with these “sports” now, because while you are busy snuffing, we’re training champs like Michael Phelps and Gabby Douglas for July 27. Look out world, we’ll be seeing you in London!

Posted by Susan

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