Such a Square

Image source Glamour

One of the best parts of summer is chomping into a juicy slice of watermelon on a hot day at the beach (or a refreshing “infusion” later at night). I’ve always had a fondness for the stuff. So, imagine my surprise when I came across a photo of pyramids and blocks that resembled this favorite fruit. Looks like Asian farmers have outdone themselves again (who could forget this crazy thing out of China).

In an effort to better package and save space in shipping, Japanese farmers have found a way to grow watermelon in these shapes. Never fear dear melon-heads. The DNA – i.e. flavor and texture – has not been altered in any way.

It does seem, however, that I’m seriously behind the times, as CNN first reported on this eleven years ago. At the time, each watermelon cost roughly $82 and was not yet sold in the U.S. While it now looks like they made their way here a couple years ago, they still come with a hefty price tag, and I have yet to find one.

It is a pretty cool concept – for once being called a square isn’t that bad.

Posted by Haley

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