Cool or Cruel?

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I love the ocean, and I love seafood, but I do not love knowing what’s swimming around underneath me in that vast body of blue water. If we were on some tropical island together, you would have to find someone else to go snorkeling with you, because I just won’t. Ocean creatures creep. me. out.

Now, much to my horror, there is a shoe company that is offering up custom kicks made from stingray skin. As if my fear of reptiles and snakeskin wasn’t enough.

Rayfish Footwear allows you to “grow” your own sneaker (their words, not mine) with their unique bio-customization technique. AKA, you design your own living stingray by combining different skin patterns from various species’ DNA that the company has on file, and then they transform your de facto pet stingray into your new sneaks.

It takes the company about 6-8 months to raise a “shoe-sized” stingray with the pattern of your choice on it, with the exception of squares or logos. As the head of Rayfish Footwear explains, “the expression of the DNA on the skin doesn’t allow it.” At least we know this company has limits!  If you’re vain enough to actually want a pair of these bespoke shoes, they start at around $1,800.

Seriously, is this illegal? It seems like it should be. At least when we raise cows for slaughter, it’s to fuel our bodies not fuel our shopping addiction.

Posted by Hannah

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