Just Your Average America’s Next Top Model Catfight… Sorority Girl Style

Image source Mashable

So I used to be an avid ANTM fan — could not get enough of Tyra, the contestants, the clothes, the makeup, and (duh) the drama. But unfortunately life went on, my Wednesdays got busier, and I have since stopped watching. Well… congrats to you ANTM and whoever thought up this brilliant idea that will definitely have me tuning in to Cycle 19. Contestants will be college girls, only taller and well, models. As of right now there are 30 finalists who are counting on the public’s vote to get onto the show.

ANTM College Edition will put a little spin on the show’s overall vibe and I am psyched. Imagine your average sorority house drama and then factor in a bunch of hungry, bitchy girls competing for the prize of their life (which happens to be 100% based on their looks). OMG tensions will be THROUGH THE ROOF! See you in the fall Tyra!

Posted by Kate H.

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