Hands Off My Man (Candles)!

Image source Yankee Candle

Sometimes when I see ad campaigns or new products, I have to stop and wonder just how much money a think tank of so-called marketing wunderkinds spent coming up with such a pile of crap. I mean, I freaking hate those commercials for Crunchy Nut Cereal. And Axe for women? Oy vey, don’t get me started. It’s not often that I’m completely torn over whether or not I like, understand and see value in a campaign or product, but thanks to the latest roll out from Yankee Candle, I’m fucking flummoxed.

In a departure from its tried-and-true fragrance trifecta of flowers, baked goods and seaside goodness, the scented wax giant introduces Man Candles, a line of four masculine smells like the woodsy 2×4, musky Man Town, leathery First Down and grassy Riding Mower. Sure, these dude-friendly aromas may help balance out the overwhelming odor of gardenia that pummels you when you so much as pass by a Yankee Candle, but really, how many guys are going to sack up, walk in and buy something called Man Town (your guess as to what this means is as good as mine).

As of now, these are the only scents available, but the possibilities are endless. A few I’d like to see hit the shelves: Lax Bro (sweat, testosterone, lubricant), Frat Basement (stale beer, meat lovers pizza, vomit), Bottle Service (hair gel, cocaine, desperation). Now we’re talking MAN candles!  How about you—any manly candle scent combos come to mind?

Posted by Abby

One response to “Hands Off My Man (Candles)!

  1. They have the man candles at the Yankee Candle in the Pru…needless to say, I was not a fan. I’m not really even sure that men would like these? Looks like a good marketing plan for father’s day though 🙂

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