Redefining What It Means to Be Stupid Rich

Image source Nigel Gee via What’s On Chengdu

No, this is not a spaceship from a far off galaxy taking a vacation in the Mediterranean. It’s called Project Utopia, a “yacht” (aka Star Wars’ Cloud City) with 13 stories, four helipads, multiple swimming pools, and 11 decks.

Yacht Island Design, a British design company, offers a variety of preconceived and bespoke boating concepts, ranging from your own version of Monaco to your “standard” mega-yacht design. These don’t actually physically exist yet, but they’re working on it.

It’s unclear whether or not these boats are public (step aside, Carnival), private, or both, but either way, you have to be really f—ing wealthy to even think about stepping on board. Rumor has it reserving a spot (your own apartment building?) on one of these bad boys starts at €200 million, and that doesn’t even include gas (ouch), service charges, gratuities (for your servants, of course), the cost of a crew and captain, or pretty much anything else, like the erupting volcano.

Let’s put it this way…if this were the Titanic (wait, rich people don’t charter yachts in places you could find an iceberg…), there would be no “lower class” to worry about saving when the ship sank. Even the help are in the 1%.

Posted Hannah

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