Introducing Lime-a-Rita…

Finally, I can kick back and drink a cold one with the guys.

Yes, I’m that girl…the one who refuses to drink beer and no, it’s not just because I’m high maintenance (though, I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit “particular” when it comes to what I like and don’t like). You’d think that after all those college sorority socials and games of flip cup, I would have acquired a taste for its carbonated goodness, but no, I still do not like beer. In fact, I detest it.

So, hear me out when I say that I want to personally thank Bud Light (did I really just thank Bud Light?!) for finally coming up with a canned alcoholic beverage that I might actually drink. Recently, it was announced that Bud Light is launching Lime-a-Rita, which “blends the flavor of an authentic margarita with a refreshing splash of Bud Light Lime.” It’s about time those beer moguls start tailoring to women and cocktail lovers, alike.

Despite having a hint of beer in it, Lime-a-rita seems like it could be a contender for my summer drink of choice. Dare I say that I might be purchasing my first 12-pack? With 8% ABV, a little will go a long way, friends.

Bring out the funnel, people, I’m ready to Lime-a-rita it up!

Posted by Alyssa

Image source Annheuser Busch via Foodbeast

2 responses to “Introducing Lime-a-Rita…

  1. I find this totally offensive to women! As a female craft beer lover, I take issue with the sweeping generalization made here that “beer is for men and cocktails are for women” and that you need to use some kind of faux beer beverage so that you can fit in and “drink a cold one with the guys.” I wouldn’t come within 10 feet of this beverage and I assure you that any “cocktail lover” would not either. Shame on your for enforcing outdated and false gender stereotypes.

  2. Like Alyssa says “I’m ready to Lime-a-rita it Up” and boy am I, This “JUNK” is awesome, way to go A-B, bought time you did something other than beer. I hate beer as well and I am a mixed drink and cooler person! Thanks again

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