A Mission to Make More Women Feel Beautiful

Image source Dove via laramulady.com

Who doesn’t want to feel more beautiful?! According to a recent study by Dove, only 4% of women think they’re actually beautiful… Come on ladies, we need to feel better than that about ourselves! Luckily, there is a company like Dove, who has made it their mission to change women’s perceptions AND offer a big FU to Victoria’s Secret at the same time!

We all remember the Campaign for Real Beauty they launched in 2004; now they’ve created a new Ad Makeover campaign that they recently launched in the UK. You know all those awful ads on the side of your Facebook that yell, “Hey thunder-thighs” or “Click here to get rid of that muffin top?” Well, Dove (along with the rest of us) has had it with those. With the Facebook application you can get rid of those negative ads and put in feel-good ads like the one above; think ads that make you smile or feel just a little bit better about your own beauty. My favorite of the ad replacement options is: “Think of your cups as half full.”

With all the negative ads about our bodies, Dove’s approach is refreshing and appreciated. Bring on the positive self-esteem, am I right or am I right?! Dove needs to get this app to the US and fast!

Posted by Dorothy

One response to “A Mission to Make More Women Feel Beautiful

  1. stilishbabe

    Oh,I love my non-existing bum! haha ! great they do that! Women should feel good about their body!

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