MANicure: a PSA

First it was the black matte nail lacquer for men that I read about on Nylon’s blog, and now the NY Post reports on the rise of [straight] men indulging in personal pampering. Consider my attention secured.

While picturing my man rocking black polish isn’t something that I find particularly attractive, the thought of beach days, sunshine and Ray Bans does. And we all know that nothing ruins a nice pair of flip flops like unattended man-toes.

A number of professional athletes including Jets Tim Tebow, and Rangers left wing Brandon Prust have publically pronounced their adoration for a regular pedicure spa session and I will use them as examples in this seasonal call to action to all men: There is nothing wrong with a little primping as you switch from Sperry’s to sandals. Get thee to a salon — your women…and your little piggies…will thank you!

Posted by Emily

Image Alex Troesch via New York Post

2 responses to “MANicure: a PSA

  1. I have personally been enjoying Mani’s and Pedi’s for 2 years. Absolutely love them!!! 😉

  2. Brendan Granucci

    i always did my manicures using gel nails or acrylic nail polish because it is really interesting…

    Please do head to this useful web blog

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