Taste is in the Eye of the Beholder

Image source Burger King via Huffington Post

I remember once in a marketing class having to watch a movie about how food styling is done for fast-food restaurant commercials. Gluing the sesame seeds onto the bun individually for perfect placement, choosing the best tomato slice out of 100 different options, and using a toothpick to keep it all together were only a few of the tricks used to make your 99 cent sandwich look like it came from a five star brasserie. It seems advertisers will go to great lengths to make a meal look delectable…but recently Burger King Netherlands took a different approach.

In an attempt to attract more female customers, BK recently developed an ad campaign for the world famous Whopper using…wait for it…eye makeup. Oh yes, you heard that right! Get to women through their beauty products. Not a bad approach, certainly, as makeup is a girl’s best friend. But while we’ve all seen our fair share of kooky nail and body art, I’m not sure the lettuce eye lashes are inspiring my hunger or making me want to pop into BK.

Attention grabbing? Yes. Effective? Case is out…

Posted by Kate

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