Just Let Me Shower in My Sleep

Image source Meiré und Meiré

There’s nothing I love more than being in bed cuddled up with my comforter in a very deep sleep. I’ll be the first to admit that waking up in the morning is a daily struggle. I set several alarms on my iPhone with the most annoying ringtone, which I put on snooze one after the other until I absolutely have to get up. Let’s just say I really value my sleep, and really hate waking up.

Because I have such a hard time in the morning, I always make myself take a shower with the hopes of being forced into wakefulness. It’s a process I really don’t look forward to — so can you imagine my joy when I stumbled across Meiré und Meiré’s Transforming Water Architecture. Yes, that woman is lying down horizontally while taking a shower.

On second thought, I’m not sure this is really the solution to my problem…

Posted by Sue

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