Holy Matrimony!

Image source Inforum

I’ve heard of unconventional marriages (man marries blow-up dollman marries pillow printed with an anime character… to name just a few ridiculous nuptials), but a 36 year-old divorced mother of three kids just might take the three-tiered cake. A few weeks ago, Nadine Schweigert of North Dakota married herself in a “symbolic ceremony” in front of family and friends. According to InForum, a North Dakota news site, Schweigert vowed “to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self.”

Either this chick is batshit crazy or in it for the gifts. I am all for the single-and-proud-of-it, find-happiness-within-yourself attitude, but the way I see it, marriage is reserved for two (or,  in some cultures, several) human adults. You can celebrate it any way you want, but it means the same thing. If you want to show yourself some love, go ahead and buy yourself a diamond ring. Heck, wear it on your left ring finger for all I care. Just don’t expect me to show up to your celebration of self-love in a cocktail dress with a gift in hand.

Side note: what’s this woman going to do if she decides she wants to get married to another person? How do you divorce yourself? Did she sign a pre-nup? Food for thought, ladies and gentleman, food for thought….

Posted by Erin

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