High-Brow Eyebrows

Image source @styledotcom Twitter via Fashionista

It’s an uncontested fact that Chanel is one of fashion’s biggest trendsetters season after season. A sprinkling of those iconic double-C’s over just about anything lends enviable pedigree and style (see: condoms, temporary tattoos). Behold bedazzled eyebrows, the latest brainchild of Peter Phillips, the brand’s global creative director of beauty and a beacon of innovation in the cosmetic world. Debuted on the runway at Paris Fashion Week, the striking rhinestone adornments left Karl Lagerfeld’s muses looking a bit like the best-dressed residents of Planet Krypton, but I kind of dig the overall impact of bare face/strong brow.

That said, I think the sequined strips are better left in the realm of high fashion than let loose on city streets. Will you be rocking the look next season?

Posted by Abby

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