Smelling Fresh 24/7

Image source Lisa Hoffman Beauty

I’m a total sucker for anything multifunctional. Whether it’s Chanel’s Wallet on a Chain or something more simple like Stella & Dot’s La Coco retractable bracelet from a necklace, I’m immediately sold.

With that being said, you can imagine my delight when I read about Lisa Hoffman’s Fragrance Jewelry in the March issue of Self. This beauty company has created necklaces and bracelets that contain perfume beads to provide you with the scent of wearing perfume without real fragrance ever touching your body. With fragrances like Madagascar Orchid, Tuscan Fig and French Clary Sage, you can get a trendy necklace or beaded bracelet AND unique smelling perfume for $65.00. The jewelry comes adorned with a charm that you fill with fragrance beads so, unlike traditional perfumes that fade away throughout the day, I love how this fragrance jewelry will keep you smelling fresh 24/7. On the contrary, if you’ve had enough of your perfume for the day, you can just take off your jewelry. Love.

Guess we know what item I’ll be adding to my wish list…

Posted by Alyssa

One response to “Smelling Fresh 24/7

  1. Such a brilliant idea!!!

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