Full Monty Wedding

Image source Hedonism Resort via Mail Online

On a tight wedding budget? The Daily Mail UK may have the answer for blushing (or not so blushing) brides watching their pennies. If a destination wedding is your dream, why not splurge on flowers while nixing that pricey bridal gown? The Hedonism II Resort recently gathered nine couples in their birthday suits (with the exception of a strategically placed bouquet) in Negril, Jamaica to tie the knot in an unconventional ceremony (to say the least!).

Taking vows on the beach in the buff may not only seem risqué to most brides but also risky for those of us sporting a more pale pigmentation (just think of the sunburn possibilities). For these nine couples however, this was wedding paradise. Hedonism’s promise of a Valentine’s wedding and complimentary four-night stay attracted over 100 daring couples, of which ten couples were selected and only nine (one was lost to the world of clothing) actually went through with the nude dream wedding.

Adventurous…YES. But as one couple so rightfully pointed out ‘We love each other naked so why not start our life together naked?’ ‘Nuff said.

Posted by Heather

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