If Your Boobs Could Speak…

Image souce ta·ta·toos

Designed to highlight a woman’s best assets (her cleverness and cleavage, of course!) ta·ta·toos are the latest accessory for your breasts. No, really.

According to TheGloss.com, for $9.95 you can purchase temporary tattoos that offer two-part catchy sayings (think “Lucky You”, “I’m Yours, Be Mine”, “Satisfaction Guaranteed”) to put on “the girls.” Getting married? Imagine the surprise on your new hubby’s face when you disrobe on your wedding night to show off the words “Just Married”…yep, on your boobs. Bun in the oven? Tell the world by wearing a low-cut top and ta·ta·toos that read “Guess What? I’m Pregnant.”

Classless? Yes. Money maker? Sadly, yes, too.

Let’s just say, I’m thankful my boobs like being mute.

Posted by Alyssa

One response to “If Your Boobs Could Speak…

  1. @Tataway Stickers, stamps and pasties are lovely. Tattooes …were forever. Option for tattoo removal with the laser short wavelength are a god-send!

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