Peter Cotton Tail, Soon Coming to an Adult Near Your

Images via Fashion Urbia

I’m not really sure how I feel about the forthcoming pastel trend. Actually I take that back, I can’t stand it. Is it Easter yet? I guess I missed the memo.

The trend has literally been popping up everywhere and, much to my dismay, has grown in popularity to the point where every fashion blog is raving about the look and every fashionista will soon be sporting it. My dislike clearly puts me in the minority; perhaps it is due to the lack of color that exists in my closet. I’ll admit I can be a plain Jane when it comes to colors, but really? Pastels?!

Actually, my closet used to be full of Easter-inspired designs…when I was seven! I’m sure this look can maybe work for some women, specifically those with long lanky legs— which is not something that I possess. But regardless of those who can rock the look better than me, I still believe that pastels should be used sparingly and reserved for: one, Easter eggs; two, those under the age of 10; and three, baby blankets (which also hopefully falls under category #2).

I’m definitely one for trying new trends, don’t get me wrong. But owning jeans in the colors that match my 5 G-Baby Shock watches circa 1999? I’ll sit this one out, thanks.

Posted by Laura

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