Ain’t Nothin’ but a G-Thanggg

Image via Blog Serius

While fanaticizing about my wedding day may have kicked in a little late compared to some (specifically, during the SATC scene when Carrie models the likes of Carolina Herrera, Vera, Vivienne Westwood vs. my first Disney princess movie) I, like most women, do dream about finding the perfect gown.

I think about that moment I come across that timeless dress and the instant my fiancé and my father first see me in it. Something that I look back on decades later and still love as much as the day I bought it. Call me conservative, but one memory I would not like to foster is the thought of my friends and loved ones checking out my bare ass as I exchange vows.

Known for his edgy designs, German bridal house Kaviar Gauche leaves nothing to the imagination with his latest line shown during Berlin’s Fashion Week. Nothing says “blushing bride” quite like a G-string monokini.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something … nude?

Posted by Emily

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