Rubb(er)ed the Wrong Way?

Image via Bottle Cap Tee’s

Ok—I stole my title from a Reuters headline, but it was too good to pass up!

The pornography industry has a raging bone to pick with Los Angeles law enforcement. Recently, the LA City Council passed legislation requiring “all actors in pornographic films to wear condoms during any filming that takes place within city limits.”

Ummm…what? At first, I was shocked to learn that this is the first piece of legislation of its kind. But then I thought about it (yes, here comes my guilty admission)… I’ve always known that porn stars don’t wear condoms, but never really thought twice about it.

This is actually a serious area of contention between city reps, the porno-makers, the porn-doers, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and porn advocacy groups. While the reform seems highly logical, health-conscious and sets a good example for many horny males, arguments against the law include that government is interfering with the choices of two consenting adults (ok, true), it will adversely affect an $8 billion industry because “consumers, particularly overseas, have made it clear they won’t watch films when actors use condoms,” and my personal favorite, “many performers dislike condoms.” Oh, I’m sorry to have to make your job a little less enjoyable.

I think we’re in a day and age where digital effects, touch-ups and editing ain’t no thang. I would suggest figuring out a way to edit out the condoms to keep the consumers happy, and as for keeping the porn stars happy…I think they’re happy enough.

Now might be a good time to invest in some Trojan stock. Just sayin!

Posted by Hannah

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